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Never again cold feet at work

Lower heating costs, optimum heat distribution

Max Zormeier, Managing Director of Auto Zormeier GmbH in the Lower Bavarian district of Rottenburg an der Laaber, talks about his experiences with the workshop and hall heating system from the Austrian manufacturer Puls-air. The family-run Auto Zormeier GmbH has been in business for over 45 years, repairing everything with 4 wheels, with a focus on Toyota.

New heater

After Zormeier's ceiling fans developed an irreparable defect in the fall of 2022, he went in search of a new heater for his workshop. A colleague in the industry recommended the Puls-air heater to Zormeier. He had also previously heated his workshop with ceiling fans and then switched to Puls-air. So he informed himself and finally decided to order a heater from the Austrian manufacturer.

Excellent heat distribution

After just a few days, Zormeier notices that the new heater distributes the warm air much better in the workshop. "With the ceiling fans, the warm air was always at the top of the ceiling, and at the bottom, where work is being done, it didn't get really warm," Zormeier describes. Due to the physically sensible positioning of Puls-air, on the floor of the space to be heated, the warm air is distributed where work is being done, in the floor area. Zormeier's employees report a pleasant room climate and better heat distribution. In addition, the temperature can be flexibly controlled on the heater via the attached thermostat.

Commissioning "totally easy

"The heater came delivered on a Euro pallet. All we had to do was pipe the exhaust gas outdoors via the roof using a 35 mm stainless steel pipe. In addition, we used an 8 mm copper pipe to connect to the central heating oil tank in the basement. The commissioning of the new efficient heating system was therefore very simple," says Zormeier.

Surprised by the low consumption

After the 1st winter, Zormeier checked the level of the heating oil tank in the basement. He was amazed when he saw how much heating oil was still in the tank. His old heater was using more and heating worse. "I'm glad I bought the Puls-air heater," adds the manager.

Chimney sweep convinced

When the new heating system was accepted, the chimney sweep in charge was enthusiastic. He said that he liked the system and that he would recommend the heating system to others, even though there would be no more work for him after the acceptance. The installed patented pulsating combustion with an efficiency of 97% is clean and the exhaust gas values (NOX - 25 - 30, CO - 2 - 5 ppm; soot number 00) do not exist in this form with any other heating system. This pleases people and the environment.


Due to the enormous heating cost savings, the Puls-air workshop and hall heating pays for itself after just a few years. Especially now, when costs are rising in all areas, it is important to heat efficiently and economically. Puls-air is an investment for the future, the oldest heaters have already been running for over 30 years.

The other advantages of the Puls-air workshop and hall heating:

  • Low maintenance costs
  • Perfect heat distribution
  • Made in Austria with German components

From around € 130 per month
you finally get your heating costs under control!

You can either buy or lease your Puls-air workshop heater at a low price.
It has never been so easy to heat your workshop at a low price.*

*Without down payment, residual value 10% of acquisition value (AW) plus VAT, term 48 months, only for Germany. Leasing offer through our partner MMV Leasing GmbH, subject to credit checks, etc. There are no additional costs. The stated leasing rate is the net rate (plus 19% VAT for Germany). Before conclusion of the contract, MMV Leasing carries out a contract acceptance check. 2 Warranty extension and steering wheels cannot be leased and must be ordered separately if necessary. In this case, the freight costs will not be charged again.

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