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Heilsbronn - Thomas Kopp is not only a master mechanic and owner of KOPP Autohaus e.K. but also a very pleasant and sympathetic interlocutor. In an interview, with the Austrian heater manufacturer Puls-air, Mr. Kopp explains how he has recorded over 50% lower heating costs for 13 years!

But everything in order. Thomas Kopp has been a self-employed master mechanic for 25 years. In his business, the KOPP Autohaus e.K. in Heilsbronn, all brands "from Volvo to Audi - from classic cars to new cars" are repaired and serviced. Owners of US vehicles are also in good hands at KOPP. The company is relatively large and consists of 4 halls and an office building. Mr. Kopp is always trying to optimize his business and therefore does not save on equipment. Only the most modern tools and equipment are used. When Mr. Kopp read about an innovative heating device in a trade magazine about 13 years ago, he started to do research.

Ordered delivered saved

Mr. Kopp is convinced. With the heater from Puls-air he can optimize his heating costs. After a telephone consultation, he orders his 1st Puls-air heater about 13 years ago. The new heater was delivered in about 4-5 business days. The unit was ready to use immediately. Kopp connected the unit to his existing heating oil tank and vented the exhaust gas to the outside via a 35 mm stainless steel pipe. When owner Kopp first turned on the unit he thought to himself, "that's a whisper concert." Kopp is very satisfied with the heater and is ordering a 2nd heater in 2021.

Since Puls-air 50-55 % less heating costs

In the interview with Puls-air, Kopp explained that since using Puls-air, he has been able to reduce heating costs by 50-55%. There are a few reasons for this. First and foremost is the patented pulsating combustion of the heaters. This combustion, which originally comes from rocket research, produces enormous heat in addition to an efficiency of 97%. The Puls-air heater makes use of this heat and has been heating halls and workshops in the most economical way for over 25 years. Another reason for Puls-air's efficiency is its positioning on the floor of the space to be heated. The device creates a rotating thermal air roll. Thus, the air is not always heated from 0, but preheated repeatedly through the device. This saves heating costs and protects the environment.

Acquisition cost amortized

Kopp has already been using his first Puls-air heater for about 13 years and has since saved about half of the heating costs. The purchase costs have thus more than paid for themselves. He and his employees are convinced by the pleasant heat distribution that the unit produces with the 17 degrees working temperature set on the thermostat. In 2021, Kopp will order a 2nd heater.

Kopp recommends pulse air

"I recommend Puls-air to anyone who has a large hall that needs to be heated in the winter!" That's exactly what Puls-air is built for - Made in Austria with German components.

Pulse-air in 3 words:

clean - quiet - efficient

KOPP Autohaus e.K
Thomas Kopp
Master car mechanic
Gutenbergstr. 2
91560 Heilsbronn

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