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Significantly lower heating costs thanks to innovative heating from Tyrol

Pulse air heating compensates 4 oil ceiling fans

Since 2022, the Schinagl car dealership has been heating with the economical Puls-air heater from Tyrol. Managing director Herbert Schinagl describes his experiences.

Anyone who has ever been to Autohaus Schinagl with their vehicle will confirm that personal customer service has been a priority there since 1977. Schinagl offers everything car owners could wish for, representing the Hyundai and Toyota brands. A full service car repair shop, paint shop, tire store, new and used car sales and much more.

1 Puls-air instead of 4 ceiling fans

In order to get the high heating costs under control, GF Schinagl went in search of an alternative to his 4 much-consuming ceiling fans, which were operated with oil. He heard about Puls-air from a colleague and borrowed the heater for some time to get an impression of it. Schinagl quickly realized that his 360 m² workshop could be heated with just one Puls-air heater. Positively surprised, he ordered his Puls-air unit that same winter and has been running it since 2022 instead of the 4 wasteful ceiling fans. "I now only heat my workshop with the Puls-air heater. I can say that it saves me 50% or even more of my previous heating costs and I am very happy with the new heater."

The right heater for all workshops and halls

There are 2 models of Puls-air. Puls-air Standard up to 600 m³ and Puls-air Plus up to 1,800 m³. Both values with very good insulation. For larger premises, several devices can also be used in combination.

Why is Puls-air so much more economical?

With conventional ceiling fans, a lot of heat is lost through long pipes. Heating large quantities of water in the boiler also requires a lot of energy. In addition, conventional oil burners have poor efficiency. With Puls-air, the efficiency is 97%, meaning almost all of the fuel that is introduced is converted into heat. In addition, Puls-air stands on the floor of the room to be heated, releases the warm air where work is being done and creates a slowly rotating thermal air roll in the room. The air is not always heated from 0 way, but preheated always pulled through the heater.

Running noise and dust load

GF Schinagl also noticed positively that the running noise of Puls-air is much more pleasant and much less dust is stirred up than with ceiling fans.

From around € 130 per month
you finally get your heating costs under control!

You can either buy or lease your Puls-air workshop heater at a low price.
It has never been so easy to heat your workshop at a low price.*

*Without down payment, residual value 10% of acquisition value (AW) plus VAT, term 48 months, only for Germany. Leasing offer through our partner MMV Leasing GmbH, subject to credit checks, etc. There are no additional costs. The stated leasing rate is the net rate (plus 19% VAT for Germany). Before conclusion of the contract, MMV Leasing carries out a contract acceptance check. 2 Warranty extension and steering wheels cannot be leased and must be ordered separately if necessary. In this case, the freight costs will not be charged again.

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