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"We only needed 550 gallons of heating oil last year with our Puls-air, while our neighbor let through a supple 6,000 gallons."

"550 instead of 6,000 liters of heating oil"

KFZ-Service Hayko in Burgthann near Nuremberg repairs and maintains vehicles of all makes. Owner Tobias Hayko and his highly trained team of 5 (as of 09/2023) convince with customer friendliness, competence and honesty. In 2021 a workshop with approx. 120 m² was acquired. There was no heating in the workshop. Through an advertisement on social media, Mr. Hayko became aware of Puls-air.

Low acquisition costs

To equip his workshop with a suitable heater, Mr. Hayko initially calculated high purchase and installation costs. Through an advertisement on social media, he became aware of a compact heater from Austria. Topics such as: "Low installation effort, low heating costs, perfect heat distribution, 97% efficiency..." were communicated. This is exactly what the workshop owner was looking for. "I couldn't really imagine that this small unit could heat my workshop. Other workshops have elaborate systems, which are much more expensive to buy and install." With high expectations, he ordered the heater and put it into operation for the first time in 2021.

Little installation effort

When the heater was delivered on a Euro pallet, Mr. Hayko positioned the heater opposite the entrance gates. Next, the exhaust gas was routed outdoors via the roof using a simple stainless steel pipe and stainless steel bends (diameter only 35 mm!), and the electricity (220 volts) was connected. Finally, the workshop owner connected the heater to a 1,000 liter fuel oil tank. The cost and time involved were low.

A fraction of the heating costs

As already touched upon in the headline, the low fuel oil consumption in combination with the fast heat is one of the main advantages of the Puls-air heater. "My neighbor has a workshop that is comparable to mine in terms of insulation and size. He uses 6,000 liters of heating oil a year with his 4 ceiling fans, and I use 550 liters of heating oil a year with Puls-air." This example illustrates the impact and frugality of Puls-air. Most Puls-air owners save up to 50% of their previous heating costs (According to numerous customer testimonies, read at

Relieve environment

"If you go in the exhaust pipe with your finger, your finger is the same clean afterwards as before, no soot nothing." If you compare the chimneys of other systems, some of which have a diameter of over 10 cm so it seems almost unbelievable that the Puls-air heater only requires a 3.5 cm exhaust pipe. The patented pulsating combustion results in excellent exhaust gas values (NOX - 25 - 30, CO - 2 - 5 ppm; soot number 00). This pleases man and the environment.

From around € 130 per month
you finally get your heating costs under control!

You can either buy or lease your Puls-air workshop heater at a low price.
It has never been so easy to heat your workshop at a low price.*

*Without down payment, residual value 10% of acquisition value (AW) plus VAT, term 48 months, only for Germany. Leasing offer through our partner MMV Leasing GmbH, subject to credit checks, etc. There are no additional costs. The stated leasing rate is the net rate (plus 19% VAT for Germany). Before conclusion of the contract, MMV Leasing carries out a contract acceptance check. 2 Warranty extension and steering wheels cannot be leased and must be ordered separately if necessary. In this case, the freight costs will not be charged again.

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