Pulse-air workshop and hall heating

Tested and approved

Pulse-air workshop and hall heating

Tested and approved

approved for Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland




Puls-air is a compact, fuel oil operated workshop and hall heater. It is operated with the patented pulsating combustion, which comes from rocket research. Due to the extremely economical combustion, the heater pays for itself.

Thanks to approval as a mobile heater (no central heating) for workshops and halls, you benefit from the Puls-air advantages at present and in the future.



Simply take it with you when you move: the Pulsair hall heater only weighs approx. 75 kg
Space-saving: the Puls-air heater only requires approx. 1 square meter of floor space

Sustainable thanks to effective combustion & low CO2 emissions, 97 % efficiency

You can carry out service work yourself

Quality made in Austria - see for yourself!


The size and degree of insulation of the room determine which or how many devices are needed to heat it. All necessary information about the devices, such as heating power, KW, weight, size, etc. can be found on the product page. Mainly workshops and halls are heated with Puls-air. In a broader sense, the compact warm air heaters can also reliably and economically heat tents, construction sites, conservatories, etc..



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Mario foxMario fox
13:54 11 Feb 22
Top device and a very smooth operation for years. We have now purchased our 2nd device from the company Pletzer and are very satisfied. By positioning 3 exhaust pipes and a flexible exhaust hose on the heater, we can now alternately move the device and heat each.
Christian WeßlingChristian Weßling
11:53 11 Feb 22
Device was delivered in September 2021 and is in use for heating a workshop about 250m ². Works great. A service case was also handled to our complete satisfaction.
falk falkfalk falk
11:42 11 Feb 22
Very solid technology! The heater runs flawlessly for several years without repairs. This heater is also very economical. Highly recommended!
Moto VölklMoto Völkl
11:27 11 Feb 22
A total of 2 devices in use ...The first should be just under 10 years old and still runs top, the second about 2 years, also without problems.Recommendation : 100% > Yes
Andreas HermannsAndreas Hermanns
11:17 11 Feb 22
Everything top, 5 deserved stars. Here is a small addition. After the new purchase, there was a problem. The company sent me a replacement unit during this time. After the repair, we exchanged the devices again. All in all, I am very satisfied and can only recommend this equipment and the company.

From around € 140 per month
you finally get your heating costs under control!

You can either buy or lease your Puls-air workshop heater at a low price.
It has never been so easy to heat your workshop at a low price.*

*Without down payment, residual value 10% of purchase value (AW) plus VAT, term 48 months. Leasing offer via our partner MMV Leasing GmbH, subject to credit check, etc. There are no additional costs. The stated leasing rate is the net rate (plus 19% VAT for Germany & 20% VAT for Austria). MMV Leasing carries out a contract acceptance check before the contract is concluded. Warranty extensions and steering wheels increase the leasing rate. 


Basically you can say:

Puls-air standard with very good insulation 600 m³.

Puls-air Plus up to max 1800 m³ with good insulation, with poor insulation 1000-1200 m³.

Very well insulated are halls or workshops built up to 5 years ago. This means insulating glazing, gas concrete walls or sandwich panels 100 mm or 120 mm.

Poorly insulated halls, for example, are just masonry buildings with poor roof.

Room temperature as desired. Based on empirical values, the room temperature of the workshop can be reduced by approx. 4 degrees, while maintaining the same comfort level for the employees, because the heat comes from below. Compared to ceiling fans from above, therefore energy is senselessly wasted.

Yes, because a room thermostat is built into the unit, which automatically turns the unit off and on to maintain the set temperature.

The external fuel oil tank is to be obtained from the local heating contractor. Requirements: Double walled, leak detection & fire protection valve.

No, the unit can be connected to an external fuel oil tank via 8mm copper pipe. Attention: No return - single line system. The tank can be up to 30 m away and the height difference must be max. 3.5 m.

The advantage of the canister is that the device is immediately ready for use.

Approx. 57 dBa, measured in a reference room. The actual noise sensation in a normally equipped workshop or hall is a pleasant light hum.

Judging loudness is often difficult.
  • 30 dB: Whispering, own breathing sound.
  • 35 dB: Leaf rustling.
  • 40 dB: In the living room with the window closed.
  • 45 dB: Residential area without road traffic.
  • 60 dB: Entertainment (single conversation)
  • 70 dB: Open plan office.
  • 85 dB: Average road traffic.
  • 95 dB: Heavy traffic.

(Source Google)

Puls-air Standard: 1.5 l/h at the economy level and 1.9 l/h at the full power level

Puls-air Plus: 1.9 l/h at the economy level and 2.5 l/h at the full power level

Attention: Do not calculate on the complete day, because the device always switches itself on and off by the thermostat to maintain the temperature.

We always ask the counter question: How much do you need at the moment? - From this minus 50% and then you have the sum (All in approximate figures)

Yes, but this must be connected by us according to the circuit diagram, because the fan must run after.

App control is possible. Your local electrician should contact us in this regard!

Basically there are 2 models: Puls-air Standard (up to 600m³) and Puls-air Plus (with good insulation up to 1,800m³). For even larger premises, 2 or more units can be operated together. Thus, even larger halls and workshops can be heated efficiently and economically. 

All prices on this website are exclusive of VAT. Delivery to AUT, ITA and GER costs 90 €. Customers from Switzerland pay 195 € incl. customs clearance.

180 W or 0.18 KW i.e. 0.18 KWh power consumption per hour

Operation of heaters with waste oil under 50 kW is prohibited. Diesel or fuel oil serve as fuel for Puls-air.

32 x 1.5mm wall thickness = 35mm outer diameter

The exhaust pipes are not included and must be ordered separately. Via this link you will get to the assortment.

We will be happy to inform you about the current delivery times by mail, Whatsapp or phone.

  1. Disconnect the supply and return lines (attached to the right of the oil filter) at the oil filter and hang them in a container of fuel oil.
  2. Switch on the device and wait until it starts.
  3. When the device has started, reattach the two wires.
  4. Loosen the supply line (attached to the left of the oil filter) at the oil filter and also switch on the unit.
  5. Reattach the supply line, the problem should be solved.

Exhaust gas values (NOX - 25 - 30, CO - 2 - 5 ppm; soot number 00)

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